DNQ Points System




DNQ Points System

All DNQ Series

The DNQ Series 2021 Points System 

(Old Winston Cup Series Points System)

Finishing PositionPoints Earned

1st 190

2nd 170

3rd 165

4th 160

5th 155

6th 150

7th 146

8th 142

9th 138

10th 134

11th 130

12th 127

13th 124

14th 121

15th 118

16th 115

17th 112

18th 109

19th 106

20th 103

21st 100

22nd 97

23rd 94

24th 91

25th 88

26th 85

27th 82

28th 79

29th 76

30th 73

All spots are awarded points including the B-Main Non-Transfers

Season Points 

- One Drop Race Will Be Allowed, A Driver Can Miss A Race Or We Will Drop Your Worst Finish 

-A One Time Sub Driver May Be Used At Any Race

- A DQ From An Event Will Result In A 0 Point Value

You Cannot Drop A DQ

- The Driver With The Most Points After Dropping The Worst Finish Or Missed Race Is The Champion

Tie Breaker 


Best Finish 

Most Top 3's

Rookie Of The Year

  • Any "New" driver is eligible to win the rookie of the year

  • Drivers must be new to the Series they are running or have run less than 3 races in the series prior to a full-time effort

  • Points are given as per the DNQ Series points system

  • The drivers best 5 finishes will be added together the highest point total wins

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