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ARCA Series To Debut In December Approved Drivers Posted

(Mooresville N.C.) The long awaited ARCA Series will debut at Millbridge during the Milltona 50 weekend. Who will be able to run the event is another question, the following list are the drivers that have been already qualified to run in the ARCA Series. These drivers can also attempt the Busch Series races as well. Drivers not on this list can ask to be reviewed by the Series. New drivers may run ARCA but the series holds the right to promote or demote drivers at any point.

Approved ARCA Roster (If you arent on the list you can ask to be put on the list)

Curtis Markham

Alex Ripstein

Tyler Lalone

Caitlin Benge

Ryan Ballance

David Cropps

Wayne Rosier

Clayton Brewer

Brianna Lyons

John Jarrell

Johnathan Mabe

Tim Norman

Thomas Markham

Mike Rought

Andrew Tagliamonte

John Kinder

Brad Jeffords

Jeff Shrewsberry

Ty Sipes

Pat Cole

Kolby Lawence

Kyler Owens

Levi Carter

Corie O'neill

Nick Barcomb

Justin Kachelmier

Brett Culleton

Charles Moles

Dan Bormann

Brad Poteet

John Holmes

Billy Frasier

David Markham

Mike Madill

Eddie Gilbert

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