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DNQ Series To Run Trial Bud Heavy Clone Series In July

In an effort to continue with 4 DNQ Divisions the DNQ Trial "Bud Heavy" Series will start in July, The Series will carry the same rules as the current Harts HVAC Cup Series but with a heavier weight 425 Lbs. "At this point anyone can run this.We need something to give the predator guys some time between races so we will see what we get in the few races we will run this deal and if it works out we will run it all the time." Ill be very clear on this if we dont get a good kart count in the first race we will shit can this idea so if you want this to run we need to get at least 10 of you bud heavy drinkers. We will bring bud heavy for victory lane. Entry Fee's will be the same as cup $35.

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