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The DNQ Series is always looking for great sponsors to help with trophies, updating equipment,and other expenses. Sponsorship in the DNQ Series will add product awareness to your brand. The DNQ Series You Tube Channel Has 2,450 subscribers. The DNQ page has had 465,000 Views.By sponsoring DNQ your brand will get exposure. We have multiple ways of getting your brand out there to all who are watching. Here is our sponsorship opportunities.


Presenting Sponsor - $50 Per Race
This adds your name onto any race we run 
"The DNQ Iredell Fair Race Presented By (Name Here)"
Logo Added To Race Video 
Legacy races will cost more such as 
Milltona - $100
The All-Star Race - $150
Iredell Fair - $100 
The Road Course - $75

Website Header Logo Placement - $75 Per Year
Adds your logo to the website header. All logos will have a link attached to your website or facebook page when clicked on.

5 To Go Caution Sponsorship - $100 For Year 
Every 5 To Go Caution Company Name mentioned logo in front of screen up to 5 times per video

Pole Award
$200 Per Year
Logo appears next to pole winner in starting lineups. Free race night sponsorship website header logo placement free 

Rookie Of The Year
Logo On All ROTY Points Graphics

Race Sponsorship - $100 Per Race
Naming Rights to non-legacy events. This is the price for a normal race night. Legacy races will cost more such as 
Milltona - $200
The All-Star Race - $250
Iredell Fair - $200 
The Road Course - $150

In Kart Cameras Track Side Cameras - $300 For Season
Graphic with your logo added to each in kart camera

Series Sponsorship 
Naming Rights to the series. Custom logo made for the series name mentioned in every video series logo placed at each starting line up and multiple graphics. If available 1 race naming rights if one is not sold.
Sponsorship Will Be Offered To Current Sponsor First

DNQ Dash Series - $400  
DNQ National Championship & ARCA Series - $100 (3 Races)
DNQ USACK Series - $400
DNQ Busch Series - $400 
DNQ Pro Cup Series - $400  
DNQ Cup Series - $500

10 Races 10 Videos FREE Website Header Placement With Series Sponsorship. Logo Added To Graphics. 


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