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Season Opener Set For Saturday

The DNQ series season will kick off this Saturday at the AAR Speedway, after a long delay due to weather, we are set to race at one of the most excitingand physically demanding tracks on the schedule. All 3 races this weekend are Double Points races. The season features 3 "Double Points" races, we will drop your worst "Double Points" finish. We will also drop your worst finish of the year. This will allow you to miss a Double Points race and miss a race during the season.Here are some stories that we are looking at going into the event.

DNQ Cup Series

2015 Champion Tim Nye will not be at the race this weekend, he will be racing in Atlantic City. He has also lost his ride with Brandon GRP, Tyson Fries has been named the replacement for Nye. Brandon GRP said that he expects to run a part-time operation this season.

Brad Buskirk is one of the favorites to win the championship this year.The 2015 Rookie of the year champion is ranked #1 after the news of GRP and Nye splitting up.

DNQ Busch Series

Series Champion Jordan Rummage has been putting laps down at the AAR Speedway in preparation for this event this weekend. He has even won a race up there earlier this month. Rummage will have some strong competition this season as Luis Delgado will be back racing in the series this year.This season the top 4 in points heading into the final race will all have a shot at the championship. We will not have a bracket style chase for this divison. Other names to watch this season are Zach Mardquart,Steve Nivison,John Jarrell,Johnathan Mabe.


This is the first time the IROC series will run full time in the DNQ Series. This series should become very popular as it gains traction. Josh Heidkamp plans to join the series this year after running in the Cup and Busch Series last year. Cory Ingleston is expected to make his return to the DNQ Series in this division.


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