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DNQ Series Returns To AAR Speedway On Sunday July 10th

The DNQ Karting Series will return to the AAR speedway on Sunday July 10th. "Concord Speedway couldn't do a race with us and we tried to run at Field Filler Fairgounds but both of those races couldn't be done this year. I saw Dylan at the track and talked with him and worked out a date with them. AAR is a great track and it pays very well to win there. The last cup race paid out $600 to win. The Busch series winner got around $200 so its worth the trip, plus the Wards are great people and we enjoy racing there." "All the nascar guys should be back from Kentucky on that Sunday so why not run up there on that date it should be a good time as always." The series return to the famed Baby Bristol Speedway featuring 4 second lap times for the Cup Series the race layout and laps will be announced at a later time.

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