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Rummage Set On Climbing The DNQ Ranks After Inking An IROC Deal For The Rest Of 2016

(Lexington Steel N.C.)

Jordan Rummage isn't a complacent person when it comes to racing, Rummage is a 30 year old DNQ Busch Series Champion, however he sets his sights to a higher DNQ Series with more competition. "Nathan Briggs and I figured that we might as well go run in the IROC Series for the rest of the season. Our success in the Busch Series shows that we have what it takes to move up. Nathan has done a great job serving as our crew chief and I think we are ready for the next level." Rummage plans on being the first ever DNQ driver to win in 2 separate series in one season. The 2015 Busch Series champion has already won 2 out of the 4 races in the 2016 Busch Series season. Look for Rummage to take home a win in 2 series features in one night. It will not be an easy task as points leader Christian Moody has shown that he has the IROC series in a strangle hold as of late. "I think we can give him a run for his money, If I can get us in the Top 4 in the point standings I think we can really have a shot at the championship in that final race."

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