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October Race Will Set The Final 4 In Each Series

The chase is on after the October event at SKE Speedway for all 3 DNQ divisions.

IROC Series

In the IROC Series Christian Moody and Richie Stone have clinched a spot in the final 4. The rest of their competition is yet to clinch their spots in the final chase field. Matt Holzbaur and Mike Tapler currently hold the last 2 spots for the championship. Trevor Ward is not expected to race the next race but is out 3 points of a final spot. In this series it will be hard to choose a driver to win it all since 3 of the top 4 have all won a race this year.

Busch Series

When you drop the worst finish of each driver here are the top 7 drivers

1.Alex Cunningham - 134

2.Jordan Rummage - 125

3.Ryan Richmond - 115

4.Tim Norman - 110

5.Zach Marquardt - 108

6.Luis Delgado - 105

7.Steve Nivision - 86

Alex Cunningham has clinched a chase spot after the last race. 2015 Champion Jordan Rummage has struggled after winning 3 races in a row earlier this season but seems to be in good shape to make the final chase. Ryan Richmond has been on fire after winning a race and finishing 4th at the Iredell Fair race. Driver Tim Norman suffered broken ribs and a sprained arm at the Iredell Fair. Norman would have to physically start the event and then exit the kart under caution and put in a replacement driver to continue to get points. This does open the door for Zach Marquardt to get in the chase, He needs to gain 2 points on Tim Norman to race his way in. Luis Delgado has "retired" from the Busch Series. Steve Nivison needs to win and have 20+ karts to show up to get into the final and also needs help from Marquardt.

Cup Series

Its win and you are in for the Cup Series and the drivers that must win are D'Hondt, Markham, Holzbaur, and McCleary. Buskrik and Nye have already gotten in after winning the last 2 races. If it comes down to points after this event here are the current standings

1.Buskirk - Win

2.Nye - Win

3.L.J.McCleary (2 Win Bonus +10) - 123

4.Matt Holzbaur (2 Win Bonus +10) - 115

5.Eddie D'Hondt ( 1 Win Bonus +5) - 115

6.David Markham - 110

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