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The DNQ Dirt Series Announces First 2 Races

The DNQ Dirt series will start off it's season on January 28th with the great american race the Milltona 50. Then the series will head up to the AAR Speedway on February 11th for the 3rd Annual Shark Lounge 50. "These are 2 iconic DNQ events, The rest of the schedule will be out soon. You may see us run more races closer together in order to accommodate the Nascar season and their chase. We are throwing around the idea of having the September or October race be our last one of the year since most of our guys are working very hard around that time and it makes it hard for them to get to the track." The DNQ series plans on hosting events at 4-5 different tracks in a 10 month span. "These 3 series have been so much fun to watch and I cant wait to announce the rest of the schedule."

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