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A 2017 Special DNQ Event Is In The Works

The 2017 DNQ Dirt Season already has a lot of hype behind it with the 3rd annual running of the Milltona 50 for the DNQ Winston Cup Series, but there may be even more hype behind another special event that is in the works. The Winston would be an all-star DNQ event that would allow past race winners and champions from every division of the DNQ series to race for big $. "We have wanted to do an event like this for a while, all DNQ divisions have some great talent and we would love to showcase this in an $1,000 to win race event. The winner would take home all of the $ from the race and we would do this with the current Busch Series Engine package. No Tire rule for the race and no gear rule. The engines are $100 and the entry fee would be $50. I think we could get enough drivers from each division to run in this special event." The race would be held on a separate night from any current DNQ event. The engine rules will be the same as the current DNQ Busch Series rules. We still need some input on this event before we put it into action please let us know your thoughts.

Credentials needed to race

Winner of DNQ Dirt Series Race

Champion of a DNQ Dirt Series Division

Winner of a DNQ Lead 2 Series Race

Champion of a DNQ Lead 2 Series Division

Amateur Champion of a DNQ Lead 2 Series Division

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