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The DNQ Series Announces First Ever All-Star Event

May 10th is a date that will go down in DNQ history as one of the first elite events for the DNQ Series. The Winston will be an all-star race for the DNQ Series and will feature the best talent that all of the DNQ Series have to offer. "This is a very special event and I am excited to announce it, we have a lot of competitors in the DNQ series and I think we will make this a great event for years to come.I'd like to say that we will pay $1,000 to win but it will be pretty damn close to that after we get everyone in to run this race." The Series will also give regular competitors a chance to make their way into the event via the Winston Select open race. The Top 6 will transfer into the feature race, then we will have a fan vote where we will add 2 more drivers. Here is how the race will be laid out.

Entry Fee

$50 - For those that meet the requirements to race in The Winston

$25 - To Enter The Open

Additional $25 will be paid after a driver transfers from the open


Capped up to $1,000 Winner only gets paid.


- Past DNQ Race Winner in the Lead 2 series or DNQ dirt series

- Past Champion in any DNQ Series Amateur or pro


- Stock Predator 212cc Engine

- DNQ Busch Series Engine Rules

- 17 Tooth driver gear

- No RearGear Rule

- No Tire Rule

- 390 Weight limit


Practice - Open and Winston

Qualifying - Open and Winston


The Winston Select Open 30 Laps Top 6 transfer

Fan Vote

Driver Intro's

The Winston All-Star Race 40 Laps

Choose Cone Re-starts

5 To Go Caution

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