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Chase Field Set Yarbrough and Knopf Engines Claimed

(Salisbury N.C) The DNQ Cup & Busch Series chase fields have been set. The Busch Classic had plenty of action...... almost too much action. However , Austin Yarbrough was able to take Knopf 3 wide with a lap car to make the race wining move. After the race both Knopf and Yarbrough's engines were claimed. Jake Owings claiming Jamie Knopf and John Jarrell claiming Austin Yarbrough. "Its part of the deal Yarbrough said, 'When the clones first came out we would sell about 1 a week." This is the first time in DNQ history that a drivers engine has been claimed e series promoter thought this was good for the series. "This is good for the series, we know what goes on with these engines and they are within all the legal numbers, but this is a way to make people think twice before they send their engines off". Besides all of the action in the race, the 8 drivers in the Busch and Cup Series Chases were determined by points

Busch Series Chase Standings Round of 8

1. Derek Allred 1005

2..Mike Carber 1005

3.Ryan Richmond 1000

4.Tim Norman 1000

5.Steve Morsillo 1000

6.John Jarrell 1000

7.Johnathan Mabe 1000

8.Brianna Lyons 1000

Cup Series Round of 8

1.Steve Pedulla 1010

2.Brad Buskirk 1005

3.L.J. McCleary 1000

4.Eddie D'Hondt 1000

5.David Markham 1000

6.Mike Madill 1000

7.Nick Collins 1000

8.Brad Poteat 1000

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