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Morsillo somehow stole the DNQ Busch Series championship

DNQ Series, Millbridge Speedway

Busch Series Season Finale, October 11, 2017
Start: 3rd
Finish: 3rd

Following his strong run at the fair (and we use the term "strong" lightly here), Morsillo became the underdog in the championship chase. So to give himself a damn good shot, he teamed up with Hammer Karts and purchased a new kart. Basically just threw a slider on the field. When we showed up, we were top 3 every time we hit the track. The kart was incredible, and after some first lap contact that put the 420 back to 5th, Morsillo got back to third by halfway. That put him one spot ahead of the next Chase contender in the 51, which was good enough to win the championship!

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