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R2 Designs Sponsors August Race Pit Stops Make Return

Mooresville N.C. The R2 Designs race night will take place on Tuesday August 21st. This race will be a little bit different however, the Millbridge Speedway high line will be in effect which means the bottom groove will be virtually non-existent on top of that throw in pit stops and you will have an exciting night of racing. "The DNQ Series does so much more for sponsors than any other karting series out there. Our videos average about 1K views and are well known in the area. I cant think of a better way to get a company name out there and get some 3d Graphic work done for free. We are very happy to have R2 Designs come on board for this race and look forward to them doing more in the future." R2 Designs makes decals for racers, the picture below is some of their best work, for more information on R2 Designs go to their facebook page

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