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2019 DNQ Season To Begin News & Notes

The DNQ Series is set to kickoff it's 6th season of racing. Here are some news and notes for the 2019 season.

Tarheel Racing Supplies will be the DNQ Series Pole Award Sponsor more info will be announced at a later date.

ARCA Series

Kinder Out

John Kinder won the 2018 DNQ ARCA Series championship, however he can no longer run in the beginner DNQ class. Kinder will now have to run in the DNQ Carroll Tractor and Trailer Repair Busch Series. This has now opened his ARCA kart to Tony Barkman. Barkman made a few starts in the DNQ Busch Series last season but is ready to get into a competitive ride. "It's a great opportunity to drive the kart, I've got big shoes to fill. I know the kart will be there when I run. Hopefully the driver shows up and doesn't step on his dick"

Jeffords Is The Favorite

Brad Jeffords came close at the end of the 2018 season to winning a title, Jeffords has shown a lot of speed lately. We have Jeffords as the favorite to win the 2019 Championship.

Chris Page No Longer A Rookie

A win that wasnt a win after tech was the small highlight of the 2018 season for Chris Page. The true rookie did impress a lot of his competitors last season. With a year under his belt Page will now run in the ARCA Series with the bar raised and eyes on him. Page is in the best equipment but now it is time to perform.

ARCA Series Predictions

Champion - Brad Jeffords

2nd - Ronnie Shirk

3rd - Chris Page

4th - David Markham

5th - John Jarrell

Busch Series

Caitlin Benge Past Champion

Caitlin Benge came out as the champion in the 2018 season, however Rob Bates came on hard towards the end of the year after missing the first 4 races. Benge is very consistent and if she runs the CTTR Busch Series this year she will have more competition than last year. Benge had 2 Wins in 2018.

Rob Bates

Rob Bates won in his first 2 DNQ starts, a season that ended with 3 wins in 6 starts. Bates is our #1 to win the 2019 championship.

Busch Series Predictions

Champion - Rob Bates

2nd - Caitlin Benge

3rd - David Markham

4th - John Jarrell

5th - Josh Long

Cup Series

Jason Denney

UNTOUCHABLE was an understatement for driver Jason Denney. Denney won 7 races last season. Denney became an instant DNQ legend by winning 7 races in a season and winning the 2018 Championship. Denney has 1 IROC Series title as well and looks to be the favorite again in 2019. The only argument we may have by the end of the 2019 season is who is better Nye or Denney.

Tyson Fries

The hot rumor is Tyson Fries may run for the 2019 DNQ Cup Series Championship. Fries is a national peasant and runs at all the kart tracks in the area, but Fries is very fond of the DNQ style racing. Is this the guy that challenges Denny?

2019 Predictions

Champion - Jason Denney

2nd - Tyson Fries

3rd - Ryan Richmond

4th - Curtis Markham

5th - L.J. McCleary

Heavy Cup Series Predictions

Champion - Caitlin Benge

2nd - Caleb Clinard

3rd - Ryan Richmond

4th - C J Winslow

5th - David Mayo

5 Star Dash Series

Champion - Ronnie Shirk

2nd - David Markham

3rd - Josh Long

4th - Dillon Silverman

5th - Johnathan Mabe

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