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2019 All-Star Race Info

The DNQ All-Star race "The Winston" will be run on May 7th.WE HAVE CHANGED SOME INFO FROM OUR LAST POST TO BE FAIR TO ALL THOSE TRYING TO MAKE THE RACE. Here is the layout of the race along with the rules and races leading up to the DNQ All-Star Race.

Entry Fee's

$25 - The Winston OPEN (All drivers that have not won a DNQ race but can attempt to make the field

$25 - The Race Of Champions (All past winning DNQ racers )

$50 - The Winston All-Star Race (Past Champions & Transfers From ROC Race will have to pay the extra $25 after transferring)

Practice / Qualify

The Winston OPEN (10 Min or less depending on entries)

The Race Of Champions (10 Min or less)

The Winston (10 Min or less)

Features - All Choose Cone

The Winston Open E - If needed - 15 Laps Straight Into Open A Transfers stay on track and run A Top TBD Transfer

The Winston Open D - 20 Laps NO 5 TO GO CAUTION Top TBD Transfer

The ROC C (If needed) - 15 Laps Straight Into ROC A Top TBD Transfer

The Race Of Champions B - 25 Laps NO 5 TO GO CAUTION Top TBD Transfer

The Winston A - 50 Laps 5 TO GO CAUTION (1/2 Way Break)

We will run a MAX of 18 Karts on track at once.The most recent champion in each division is locked into the All-Star race. If they do not run the spot will be open to the next most recent champion starting from Cup then Busch,ARCA,IROC,Lead 2. 6 Spots will be locked no matter who uses them, the priority will go to the most recent champion. We originally were going to lock all past champions but this will be more fair for those trying to make the race.

Past Champions Locked Into All-Star - 6 Spots

Transfers From ROC - 10 Spots

Fan Vote - 1 Spot

Past Winner If Needed Ridenhour Or Knopf Miss Show Or Next Champion In Line - 1 Spot

Cup Jason Denney (Locked) L.J. McCleary (Will be 1st in line for provisional) Tim Nye (4th) Jeff Kuhn (7th)

Busch Caitlin Benge (Locked) Steve Morsillo (2nd In line for provisional) Alex Cunningham (5th) Jordan Rummage (8th)

ARCA John Kinder (Locked)

IROC Matt Holzbaur (Locked) Jason Denney

Lead 2 Series Joey Dennewitz (Locked) Ryan Truex (3rd) David Markham (6th) Corey LaJoie (9th) Drew Herring (10th) Kyle Strickler (11th) Tyler Young (12th)

PAST ALL-Star Winners Provisional

Dan Ridenhour 2018 (Locked If Needed)

Jamie Knopf 2017

Engine Rules - DNQ Stock Predator Rules Located Here

Gear Rule - NO GEAR RULE


Weight - 390 (Post Race 385)

Schedule Of Events

May 7th 2019

5:00 PM - Gates Open

6:15 - Open Practice / Qual

6:30 - ROC Practice / Qual

6:45 - All-Star Practice / Qual

7:15 - Drivers Meeting

7:30 - Open E-Main (If needed)

Open D-Main

ROC C-Main (If needed)

ROC B-Main

Small Break

Driver Intro's

Class Photo Victory Lane

Anthem & Command

The 3rd Annual DNQ All-Star Race The Winston

Half way break

Drivers and teams may change anything except engine and driver.


Winner $600 Guaranteed Will Pay Up To $1,000 (depending on sponsorship and entries)

2nd - Sponsorship dependent

3rd - Sponsorship dependent


We will tech engines until we find one that is stock just like we did last year, DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME BY BRINGING AN ILLEGAL ENGINE ITS GOING HOME IN A BOX!!!!!!!!

Sponsors wanted for all parts of this race!

We want to produce a great show in a short amount of time, this race has gotten so big we had to take the following procedures to make it go as smooth as possible. Thanks for your understanding and support of the DNQ Series!!!! Any questions feel free to send us a message on Facebook.

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