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Trash Talk Enters Fan Vote Race

(Tyson Fries & Cliff Lovendahl are not only racing for the all-star race $ they are involved in a hard race for the fan vote.)

Last year in the 2018 All-Star race Cliff Lovendahl became and over night sensation within the Karting world with his legendary rant.The "Ill club him like a baby seal" rant became a heavily viewed video within the south east. Tyson Fries made a splash in the all-star race by running the Dale Earnhardt Tasmanian Devil Scheme and rocking a solid tape on mustache. Both drivers made an impact on the event, but they are trying to use that to win the coveted fan vote for the All-Star race.

The fan vote is even more important this season , 18 karts will start the feature, 6 spots are guaranteed to past champions. While the rest of the 10 open spots will have to be earned through the Open and ROC, with so many unknowns its important to lock yourself into the race by winning the fan vote. Cliff Lovendahl seemed to have a healthy lead for the vote but, Tyson Fries has entered the picture putting heavy pressure on Lovendahl. As racers both are giving it their all including give away's and lots of trash talk.

The trash talk will end on May 5th when the voting ends. One thing is for sure the person that wins the fan vote will earn the last spot in the all-star race lineup. Here is how the lineup will work


1 - 6 (Past Champions Set By Speed From Qualifying)

7-16 (Transfers From The Open & ROC Set By Finishing Order From ROC)

17 (Past All-Star Winner Or Champion Provisional)

18 (Fan Vote Winner)


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