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DNQ Regulars Fair Well Against Ringers

(2018 DNQ Cup Series Champion Jason Denney With His Daughter During Driver Intro's)

Are "Ringers" Good For The All-Star Race? Is This A David Vs. Goliath Race? We Asked The Drivers

When there is $1,000 on the line drivers will show up from all around the southeast to try to win it. Such was the case last night at the DNQ All-Star race. "Its a tough situation," (said promoter Eddie D'Hondt) obviously there's a lot of money up for grabs here but we have locked in our champions from last year to help give them an advantage. I think its good than Jamie and Austin come out to race with our regular talent so they know where they stack up. If they beat them they have beaten the best in the country."

Knopf won Yarbrough was 2nd and a long list of very talented drivers behind them. The top finishing DNQ Regulars were Jeremy Morris (7th) Caitlin Benge (8th) Caleb Clinard (9th) Ronnie Carroll (10th) and David Markham (11th). The DNQ regulars may not have the same budget or experience as the top drivers known as "Ringers" but they certainly have more laps around Millbridge.

(Tyson Fries and his crew paid tribute to Dale Sr. with this finely detailed ride)

Tyson Fries said "I Like it when new ones show up to race, get tired of intimidating the same ones every week" Fries ran in the top 10 until an engine problem ended his night at the half way break. Fries had undoubtedly the best appearing ride.

Ronnie Carroll had another way of looking at it. "I think there's a time and place to race with the ringers but as a regular DNQ racer that supports DNQ every month, I think it should be ran for the regulars. If you're going to make it a big money race why not let a regular that supports DNQ every month take home the cash."

Jason Denney (who is a big name in the DNQ Cup Series) didn't seem to mind racing against the best, "I don’t have a problem with anyone of them being there such as Knopf, Yarbrough, or Armstrong . I’d rather race with them. It lets me know where I stand and makes me want to work harder if I miss tires. But as for the regulars that race all the races I think we should have the advantage over people who don’t run the entire series or people who only run the Winston for the money. But both of the times I’ve ran the all star race I’ve been wrecked and none of the times has it been by The BIG NAMES."

( Caleb Clinard Leads A Small Pack During The Winston )

Caleb Clinard Liked the competition "I liked it. Its always fun to race with those “top dogs”. Yarbrough, Knopf, Adams, and Daniel Armstrong are always fast wherever they go and it lets you see how you stack up against some of the best in the sport"

(Jamie Knopf Celebrates his 2nd Win In The Winston)

With The DNQ season at it's half way mark The Winston has become a very large event. No doubt this battle will continue for years to come. If you are going to beat the GOAT you better sack up. Can a regular beat a Ringer? We will have to find out next year.

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