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Contenders Pretenders & The Rest A Look At The 2nd Half Of 2020

The DNQ Series is at its half way mark of the 2020 season, with that being said we will take a quick look at our favorites to win each series along with some others that may make a run at a title.

Pink Magic ARCA Series

Ronnie Carroll Has 1 Win This Season

2020 Pick - Ronnie Carroll would have to really mess up to lose this one. The Championship is in his strong hold for now, Carroll has a 74 point lead over rookie Randall Beck . Beck got his first DNQ win 2 races ago and has backing from Caleb Clinard. Beck is good but will need to start running more consistent to catch Carroll. We have Carroll Winning this one easy.

Who to watch?

Hunter Weaver has started to get his stuff better and better. The host of Dirt Karting 24/7 has shown that he has speed, getting help from John Oliverio has helped him out a lot and could maybe propel him to make a late season run at Carroll.

Goody's Dash Series

Melton Celebrates A Win At Milltona Earlier This Year

2020 Pick - Mike Melton

This series has a cult following, with smaller fields and less competition you'd think this series would have nothing good going for it right? Wrong. Adam Welch has a 5 Point lead over "Magic Mike" Melton. Melton dominated the last event he ran only to fail tech relegating him to last place points. Next in line is 2019 Champion Mike Contarino who is -15 and Cup Driver Joey Gase who is -120 (after missing 2 races). This series is in the midst of a fierce points battle but we have to give this one to Mr.Dash Mike Melton at the end of the 2020 season.

Who to watch?

This one is a split between Joey Gase and Adam Welch. Gase is very fast in dash competition, he has 2 wins in 3 starts and will have a very good shot at winning the championship. With 2 Double Points events left on the schedule he can easily gain back the 120 Points.

Mr Excitement Adam Welch is another to watch for obvious reasons, Welch has 1 win this year after Melton failed tech but he and Contarino have a way of sneaking up to the front at the end of the season.

Filthy Mechanic Clothing Co. Pro Cup Series

Zurawski Got Win #1 At World 100 Night

2020 Pick - Scott Zurawski

The points say one thing while the racing says another, Robert Showalter is the current points leader Scott Zurawski is in 2nd -15 Jay Czarapata is 3rd -40. Showalter struggled last race finishing a dismal 15th, all while his competition Zurawski finishing 2nd and Czarapata finishing 4th. Its very tough to pick a favorite right now in this series but we are going to go with Zurawski on this one. He has been the most consistent driver so far.

Who to watch?

Zach Stroupe has been flying the last few races. With help from his brother Nick he has started to figure out a good setup for the treaded tire. Not to mention he can run the top a lot better than some of his competition.

Eric Riggins is another to watch as the season winds down to a close. Riggins has won 2 in a row in Pro Cup competition and looks to be very strong in this series. Showalter Czarapata and Welch are all big names that will be there at the end as well.

Carroll Tractor & Trailer Repair Busch Series

Armstrong Poses With The World 100 Championship Belt

2020 Pick - Daniel Armstrong

Hate him, love him, love to hate him, boo him whatever, he is just flat out the best in this series right now. Armstrong has 2 wins in 4 starts and shows no signs of slowing down in the BGN series. With help from Ronnie Carroll Armstrong has shown up and won 50% of the races he has entered. With that being said he is our #1 to win it all in 2020.

Who to watch

No surprise that the 2019 champion Robert Showalter is on this list, with all his resources and ability I wouldn't count him out in this race to the title. We have seen a lot happen in 5 races and a lot will happen. He will have his fair shot at it in the next 5 races.

John Oliverio has out preformed our expectations so far this season and is 2nd in BGN Points -88 to Armstrong. He and Hunter Weaver both pull together to put some fast karts on the track each week. Clinard Standish are close enough to have a shot at the title as well.

Ghostface Brewing Cup Series

Nick Stroupe Wins Filthy Mechanic Clothing Night

2020 Pick - Nick Stroupe

Nick Stroupe has what it takes to become a DNQ Cup series champion, Stroupe has finishes of 4th-6th-2nd-9th-1st so far this season. He is so far, the most consistent driver in the Cup series. His win last race was impressive and was no surprise to the competition. Stroupe has a lot of racing experience behind him and will be the driver with the biggest target on his back going into the last 6 cup races.

Who to watch?

Adam Welch is one of the best in this series he recently transferred from the B-Main to finish 3rd 2 races ago. The main issue is consistency with Welch currently -18 to Stroupe Welch seems to think the momentum will swing his way as he starts to race all over the country this summer. He thinks that seat time is the key to winning this title.

Ronnie Shirk & Mike Rought - Team Reaper has 2 wins in 5 races between both drivers. If they can figure out a setup for a dry slick track these guy may surprise all of us and win more as the season progresses.

Nigel Standish - Doing it all by himself Standish has impressed a lot of the competition by finishing 3rd in the last race and leading a few races over the last few events.This underfunded driver needs a little more $ to get some more speed.

Honorable Mention

Curtis Markham & David Cropps - Both drivers continue to make the A-Mains with little to no help on their equipment great work so far.

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