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2020 DNQ Road Course Post Cup Race Report

Nick Stroupe gets spun off the nose of Jimmy Allen Jr. During the 5 Star Tire Specialties Road Course Race. Stroupe would go on to finish 8th (Kara C's Photography)

Points Leader Nick Stroupe finished 8th in the Ghostface Brewing Cup Series race on Monday night after contact with Jimmy Allen Jr.

Stroupe would go on to finish 8th after the contact with Allen. Stroupe after the race went over to talk to Allen about the contact. Stroupe said after talking to Allen, "Well we've got 20 karts against 2 out here. We are running really good and I feel like we are just getting ganged up on." Jimmy Allen, who finished 3rd saw the contact a little differently. "He's mad I've been in his position before and I was mad too,he's got to understand I've got how ever many vultures behind me pushing me into him so, I feel bad for him he was running really good but he has his fun on the oval stuff we all run behind him." Stroupe is now +66 in the Cup Series Points over 2017 Champion L.J. McCleary who started off the event by leading the first few laps.

Nick Stroupe goes for a ride off the nose of Jimmy Allen Jr. during a late race re-start (E3 Entertainment Footage)

Eric Riggins Celebrates after winning the 5 Star Tire Specialties Road Course Race. This was his first DNQ GFB Cup Series Win (Kara C's Photography)

Eric Riggins Tire test passed the benchmark testing as well after his first career DNQ Cup Series win.

Riggins may have won 2 races if it wasn't for a LR Wheel coming off during the Pro Cup race allowing Ryan Ayers to take home his firs DNQ win. Riggins was quoted after the cup race "I had very low expectations, I just held on those last 5 laps I knew it was going to be tough, I finally got a little gap where I could actually run a good line instead of getting blocked, This has been a long time coming"

Showalter works the inside of Josh Reaume on his way to a 2nd place finish. (Kara C's Photography)

Showalter Finishes 2nd In Cup Race His best in 2020

Showalter had his best Cup Series finish at the road course, Showalter actually passed Riggins right at the 5 to go caution after Riggins lost time due to lapped traffic. Showalter also passed the most karts during the race as well after he started 9th. "Its really hard to swallow after winning 11-12 races last year to scratching my head wondering WTF is going on this year but , we are getting closer we passed him and he knew we were here and we got back to 2nd, my bumper bar was dragging on the tire it cost me some speed."

GFB Cup Series Standings (After 7 of 11 Races)

1.Nick Stroupe - 1294

2.L.J. McCleary -66

3.Adam Welch -76

4.Ronnie Shirk -111

5.Ryan Richmond -126

6.Mike Rought -138

7.Jason Asbury -156

8.Robert Showalter -273

9.C.J. Winslow -315

10.Eric Riggins -331

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