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2021 DNQ Season Outlook

The 2021 Season is just 38 days away as of today. With that being said its time to make our 2021 predictions for the year and update you on some DNQ news.

The DNQ ARCA Series will run a few stand alone events in 2021, but the majority of the events will be run with the DNQ CTTR Busch Series. All BGN rookies (except past champions) will be able to compete for the ARCA championship. Here are our predictions

Champion - Dustin Dunn

2nd - Dillion Teasley

3rd - Randall Beck

4th - Hunter Weaver

5th - Zac Campilogna

Dustin Dunn and Teasley have become very fast in the last few races along with Hunter Weaver. Dunn is our #1 but this is not an easy call. Tyler Young is the owner of both of these machines and with his budget there is no stopping these 2 at making a run for the championship. Beck & Weaver need to run better more often Weaver ran very well in the last race. ARCA will be a fun series to watch.

The DNQ Busch Series will continue with sponsorship from Carroll Tractor & Trailer Repair. This series will run all the races in 2021 including the trademark Busch Classic. There is no telling how this season will play out with some of the Young Guns in the field but here is our guess.

Champion - Daniel Armstrong (If he runs full time again)

2nd - Robert Showalter

3rd - Bryson Murray

4th - Mike Bumgardner

5th - Dustin Dunn

Daniel Armstrong was so good even losing his points lead didn't stop him from taking the title. he was the most consistent driver in the BGN series, look for him to repeat as a champion. Showalter will be the top challenger to Armstrong, he took home 2 wins last season along with the big win at the all-star race. He will hang tough against the competition. Bryson Murray is pretty good, part of the young gun stable Murray can surprise all the competition buy stealing this championship this year. Bumgardner has shown speed but needs to win more to be considered for the championship. We project Dustin Dunn will win the ARCA title and finish top 5 in the BGN Series.

New for 2021 is the DNQ USACK Series. The Champ Kart Series on clone engines. This series will utilize the treaded Hoosier tires. This full-time series will be sure to gather a quick following and will showcase some great racing. We will guess after watching the Hoosier Nationals race.

Champion -John Kinder

2nd - Ryan Richmond

3rd - David Mayo

4th - Joey Gase

5th - Curtis Beeson

We have no clue how this will turn out but based off of the Nationals race this is what we are thinking. Kinder is a past champion, Richmond is the latest winner, Mayo has experience. Joey Gase will most likely not run a full season. We will see how it plays out

Finish Line Wash Pros LLC Joins the Dash series as a sponsor for the 2021 season. This series saw mega growth in the 2020 season, this cult like following has grown into a very competitive series. Mr.Dash Mike Melton won the title in 2020 but we think there maybe some more competition this season.

Champion - Mike Melton

2nd - Ryan Ayers

3rd - Brandon Conard

4th - Mike Contarino

5th - Josh Long

Melton will be hard to beat in the Dash Series but we are sure that the top 4 are up for the challenge. This is going to be one of the best series to watch in 2021. With so many competitors there is no telling who will take this championship. Mr.Dash is our #1 but the next 2 will be tough to beat along with the field.

Filthy Mechanic Clothing continues their sponsorship of the Pro Cup series. What a year we saw in the pro cup series. The racing is amazing and there are many competitors making this series super hard to not only win a race but to take home the championship. In 2020 Zac Stroupe took home the championship and only won 1 race.Here is our predictions

Champion - Eric Riggins

2nd - Ryan Ayers

3rd - Zach Stroupe

4th - Brandon Conard

5th - Scott Zurawski

Eric Riggins won 4 Pro Cup races but he missed the first 2 races of the year. He is the man to beat in this series in 2021. Flyin Ryan Ayers is our #2 to win this championship, driving for Adam Welch Ayers made a strong case for a ride in 2021. Ayers won a pro cup race but is a strong candidate to win it all this year. Zach Stroupe won 1 race last season but is the most consistent driver in the 2020 season. Stroupe ran on an old chassis most of the year but now has updated his equipment. Conard & Zurawski both have shown a lot of speed, Conard is starting to get really good so watch for him to sneak up and start to take away some of Riggins dominance. Zurawski is a good driver but needs some luck.

Escape Pool Cleaning is the new Cup series sponsor for 2021, along with that is a $1,000 bonus to win Milltona-The Road Course - Iredell Fair. The Cup series is the top teir series of DNQ with some of the best racing at Millbridge Speedway. The top tier series brings top talent as well here is our predictions.

Champion - Eric Riggins

2nd - Nick Stroupe

3rd - Robert Showalter

4th - Mike Rought

5th - L.J. McCleary

Eric Riggins won 4 Cup races in 2020, with that being said he is the #1 choice for us to win the championship but do not sleep on the Iron Station Sensation Nick Stroupe, his tireless work ethic and ability is 2nd to none. These 2 friends will have a shoot out for the 2021 title. Showalter started to figure out the cup package in 2020 and looks to rebound from a fine and suspension. He is #3 in our book for the cup series. If Mike Rought can get a little more consistent he can have a great season. Rought does well in the cup series. L.J. McCleary is in the same boat.


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