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2022 Dash Series Outlook

The 2022 Dash Series Outlook

Finish Line Wash Pro's will return to sponsor the Dash series in 2022, Last years champion Joey Gase seems to be racing next season. The dash series grew tremendously in 2021. The series looks to continue the same growth next year as even more drivers try out the zero stagger option rules package. There are no rule changes planned for the Dash series.

In 2021 The Dash series went to Joey Gase, Gase held off a late season charge from Mike Melton & Brian Shaw. Josh Long was in the hunt for the title until his tragic death. The Series finished the year out on a high note with a 71 lap race in Josh's honor. Robert Showalter was on track to win the championship until an engine tech failure left him with a zero value. There are a lot of good drivers in this series, here are our top 5 for 2022.

Dylan Cappello

This is a sleeper pick! Dylan Cappello is #5 for the 22' championship, if he does decide to run for a title this year in the Dash series he will pose a strong challenge to anyone trying to beat him. This former Lucas Oil Modified Series champion works as an engineer at Front Row Motorsports. FRM brings a lot of karts to the DNQ events which gives the whole FRM team a leg up on the competition. In 4 starts he finished 17th,2nd,4th,4th. With a Top 5 in the Josh Long Memorial. Team FRM has a talented stable with Cappello in their corner he is our #5.

Dylan Cappello Racing In The Josh Long Memorial Race

Brian Shaw

The winner of the 2021 Iredell County Fair race comes in at #4. Shaw made a mark this season in the Dash Series with a big win at the fair, up until that point Shaw had 1 Top 3 finish. Shaw ran well most of the season but failed to be in the Top 3 more than 3 times. To that point, Shaw finished in the Top 3 in the last 3 races. Could Shaw be finding his stride in the Dash Series? Only time will tell for this driver who comes in at #4

Brian Shaw Celebrates A Win At The Iredell Fair

Mike Melton

The 2020 Dash Series Champion comes in at #3. Melton admittedly got off track in the middle of the season, Melton went back to basics and the results came right back. Melton scored 2 wins in 2021 along with 5 Top 3 finishes. Melton ended the season on a high note when he won the Josh Long Memorial race at DNQ Nationals. Is Melton back? Can he win the title again? Is he even racing in the Dash Series next year? We have no clue. If he does we have him at #3.

Melton Celebrates The Fall Final Win

Joey Gase

Ok we get it, he won the championship last year so he should be #1 right? Here is why Gase comes in at #2 in the Dash Series, 5 Top 3 finishes and 2 wins are pretty respectable given the competition. In comparison to Showalter its simply not as good as he was last year. Gase is good, very good and we expect him to be in the running for the 2022 championship. Gase consistently ran up front all year and won the title. If it wasn't for Showalters tech failure he would have lost the championship by 41 points. So Gase capitalized on Showalters mistake and was there when it counted. Gase should win a few Dash Series races this year but he comes in at #2.

2021 Dash Series Champion Joey Gase

Robert Showalter

A tech failure cost him the championship this year, that's racing. A small mistake ended his championship hopes for 2021 but that did not stop him from performing in the Dash Series. Showalter finished in the Top 3 7 times and won 2 races. Bobby "Showtime" is a threat to win almost any DNQ series event he enters. He is a consistent driver that rarely makes mistakes, these are the credentials of a #1 contender. Showalter earns that title in our countdown .

Showalter Celebrating His Win In April

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