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2022 To Feature BGN VS PRO CUP Same Racing But Different Twist

After seeing tremendous growth in the DNQ FMC Pro Cup Series the sanctioning body will now move the Busch Series to the Pro Cup Rules with an exciting twist.

Starting in 2022 The DNQ Series will drop the last prep series left in DNQ racing. We will move to a new and exciting way of Pro Cup Racing starting in 2022. Drivers and teams will have the choice to run the Busch Grand National Series Or The Filthy Mechanic Pro Cup Series. There will be ZERO difference in the rules package of each series however, a driver will have to choose a series to compete in.

Drivers will score points for the series that they decide to run in. After 7 races a champion in each series will be determined, Races 8-10 will consist of the Filthy Mechanic Pro Cup Series Top 10 in points and The CTTR Busch Grand National Series Top 10 in points. Points will be reset to zero as these series will combine to compete for the DNQ National Championship. The remaining drivers outside of the Top 10 in points will still run their features for the ARCA Championship. Points will also be reset for the drivers competing for the ARCA title.

This is how it works

2022 CTTR Busch Grand National - FMC Pro Cup Series

CTTR Busch Series - Moves to Pro Cup Series Rules

Drivers & Teams have the option to race in the FMC Pro Cup Series Or The CTTR Busch Series they can only pick ONE Per Driver. Drivers may swap series during the year but they cannot transfer their points.

Karts May Be Shared

Points will be scored separately for each series until race #8

Races 1-7 will determine the champion of the BGN & FMC Pro Cup Series

Races 8-10 will feature the Top 10 In BGN Points & FMC Pro Cup points

Points will be reset from each series, the last 3 races point races will be scored as normal to determine the National Champion.

The Tie breaker will be wins Then Top 3's

Drivers that are not in the Top 10 in each series will run the remaining 3 races combined as well for the ARCA Championship

Full Explanation

Start of 2022 Season

Driver Chooses A Series To Race In BGN-FMC Can Only Pick ONE!

Drivers may swap series as they desire per race night but cannot run 2 features in one night.

You May Share A Kart With Another Driver

Points Will Be Scored PER SERIES Separately

We will drop your worst finish and you may use a sub driver as per the rule book

After Races 1-7 A Champion will be decided in each series FMC & BGN

Races 8-10 The Top 10 in points in each series will be combined to run for the National Championship. Points from each series will be reset to ZERO for all competitors

They will then race for the DNQ National Championship in races 8-10

In order to win the ARCA Title drivers must have run or attempted 5 of the 7 prior events

Drivers that compete in all 10 races will have their names put into a raffle to win a free set of tires as an incentive.


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