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2022 USACK Series Outlook

The 2022 USACK Series Outlook

Fit Stop Performance will join the USACK Series in 2022, this is the first season for the sponsor. USACK is full of aero tricks, rivalries, & personalities, this has given us much to talk about for the 2022 season. The series will now allow Box Stock chassis into the series. Box Stock chassis must have a solid cage added to them first.

2022 Storylines

Adam Welch has had a small rivalry with John Kidwell, Kidwell doesn't care for Welch's aggressive driving style and the 2 have had a few words over the last few races. Both drivers won their fair share of races in the 2021 season. The main back story with Welch & Kidwell is the chassis manufacturing. Kidwell drives a KPG Chassis and Welch is on the new SKE Chassis. These 2 will battle up front for wins in 2022 along with a few other great drivers and multiple championship contenders.

Kingen Looks for first trip to victory lane after multiple 2nd place finishes

Can Melton repeat amongst stiff competition?

Contarino ran a box stock chassis will these be competitive in 2022?

This will be one series that will keep up on our feet for the whole 2022 season. Here are our picks for the 2022 season.

Adam Welch & John Kidwell Battle For The Lead At Nationals

Charlie Kingen

Do we even have to say that this guy hasn't won a race yet? He has done everything but win a race. In his first season in DNQ Kingen had 3 - 2nd place finishes along with 5 Top 3's. Kingen had a shot at the championship this year but fell short at the season finale, giving the title to Mike Melton. Kingen is consistent and will contend for wins, the points system honors that style of racing. This king of the aero tricks must win early and win often. It will not be easy considering the rest of the field. Kingen is our #5

Kingen Leads The Field At The DNQ Nationals Race

Joey Gase

Lots of experience, lots of laps in DNQ, Lots of DNQ wins, A DNQ Dash Series Champion. What's not to like about our #4 Joey Gase? Gase did not run the full USACK Series schedule, but when he did everyone knew he was there. Gase won 1 race and did not finish worse than 4th in any race of the 2021 season. Gase ran really well at the DNQ Nationals coming back from an early spin while battling for the lead. Gase is a very talented driver and given the circumstances and competition he may win another title in the 2022 season. Gase is #4

Joey Gase wins the USACK Feature in March 2021

"Magic" Mike Melton

The 2021 champion will come in the 3rd position on our ranking for the 22 season, Melton won a tight points battle with Charlie Kingen. Melton found victory lane last year and continued to match Kingens finishes. Melton won the Milltona USACK feature by passing Joey Gase late in the race to grab the win. After that he was the model of consistency with 5 top 3 finishes. Melton will need to win more often in 2022 with the next 2 competitors in the field. Melton is a solid #3

Mike Melton wins the Milltona USACK feature

Adam Welch

Love him, hate him, boo him, cheer him, he doesn't care. This Kyle Busch esque driver doesn't care who you are where you are running he wants to pass you and he wants to win. Welch will stop at nothing to win races. The crowd loves to cheer when he gets passed and loves to boo him when he wins. Welch candidly told all the fans to "Suck his ass" at nationals after he did not win the race. Welch and Kidwell race each other extremely hard on track and it has made for some amazing races. Watch Welch and SKE make a formidable run at Kidwell and the 2022 championship.

Welch ends Kidwell win streak by beating him at the fall final

John Kidwell

5 Wins in 11 races is pretty good, Kidwell achieved that in 2021. John Kinder decided to step away from driving and decided to put Kidwell in his kart for a race to see what happened, the rest is history. Kidwell went on to win 4 in a row in the 821 machine and seemed unstoppable. Welch finally ended the streak when SKE joined the field in October. Kinder now owns KPG chassis who debuted their newest piece at the DNQ Nationals, Kidwell won in the 2nd race on it. The sizeable advantage that Kinder and Kidwell seemed to have closed up slightly at the Fall Final & Nationals. One thing is for sure, if that was the 2nd race on a new chassis there is a lot of room for improvement, that is a scary thought to everyone else. Kidwell is a pure bred winner he is our favorite for the 2022 season.

Kidwell Stone Cold's some luke warm beer after a USACK Win.


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