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DNQ Series Bolsters Staff with New Additions, James Pike and Chris Williams


China Grove, N.C.

The DNQ Series, a prominent racing organization, has recently announced the addition of two highly regarded individuals to their staff team. James Pike and Chris Williams bring their expertise, passion, and unique skill sets to the series, further solidifying its commitment to excellence and delivering exceptional racing experiences.

James Pike, known for his work in iRacing and the Cars Tour, joins the DNQ Series as a pit reporter and social media director. With a wealth of experience in the motorsports industry, Pike's professionalism and reporting skills are set to elevate the series' media coverage and fan engagement. His role as a pit reporter will provide insightful updates from the heart of the action, while his expertise in social media management will enhance the series' twitter presence and connectivity with fans.

Chris Williams, who has been involved in kart racing throughout his life, assumes the role of camera operator (with much more room to grow) within the DNQ Series. With his extensive background and knowledge of the sport, Williams brings a deep understanding of racing dynamics, enabling him to capture exhilarating moments on the track. His presence behind the camera will undoubtedly enhance the visual experience for fans and viewers, showcasing the passion and excitement of the DNQ Series races.

The hiring of James Pike and Chris Williams demonstrates the series' commitment to enhancing various aspects of their operations. Their respective roles will contribute to the professionalism, media coverage, and overall fan engagement of the DNQ Series. Their expertise and dedication will undoubtedly bring a fresh perspective and elevate the series to new heights.

"We are thrilled to welcome James Pike and Chris Williams to our team," "Their knowledge, experience, and passion for racing will undoubtedly enhance our organization and the experiences we offer to our participants and fans. We are confident that their contributions will take the DNQ Series to the next level." "This is only the beginning of growing the series, we will continue to elevate our level of commitment to the teams and series"

The DNQ Series, known for its thrilling races and competitive environment, continues to evolve and improve with the addition of James Pike and Chris Williams. Their presence will play a pivotal role in shaping the series' media coverage, fan engagement, and overall growth.

As the DNQ Series moves forward, fans and participants can anticipate an enhanced racing experience, professional reporting, and engaging social media content. The contributions of James Pike and Chris Williams are sure to leave a lasting impact, solidifying the series' position as a premier racing organization.

About the DNQ Series:

The DNQ Series is a highly regarded racing organization that hosts a variety of racing events across different tracks, including Millbridge, Dirt Road Course, Iredell Fairgrounds. Known for its competitive spirit and dedication to providing thrilling experiences, the DNQ Series has become a favorite among racers and fans alike.


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