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The Road Course Race Offers Many Story Lines For Busch & Pro Cup Series.

Mondays test may be a pivotal one as multiple teams have different goals and agendas. Some teams are trying to make the National Championship series, others gain points for a title, and some are trying to win a championship in the Pro Cup or Busch Series.

Auto Lube & Repair Pro Cup Series

The Championship will be decided in the Pro Cup series on Thursday night. John Kidwell has a 4 point lead over Brandon Conard. 4 points is not a large margin for the DNQ points system. Jay Czarapata has the 10th spot over Bob Weidenan who is 5 points back. This is another battle to watch during the road course race. Weidenan finished 6th last race.

Brandon Conard Won 2 races ago giving him a jolt in points. After help from Eric Riggins he is now -4 To John Kidwell

Kidwell ran a new chassis this week to get ready for the National Championship. Will he go back to what they know at the Road Course?

Jay Czarapata (right) talks to Matt Faulkner (Left) at Kara C's night. Czarapata has a +5 buffer to the 11th place Weidenan. Jay has run the road course before giving him an edge over Weidenan.

Bob Weidenan (left) is -5 to Czarapata going into the Road Course race which is an unknown to him and his team. Monday's test will be an important one for this DNQ Rookie

Carroll Tractor & Trailer Repair Busch Series

Nick Stroupe & Eric Riggins have dominated this series, however they have chosen to not run in the National Championship series due to a lack of equipment (both share rides) these 2 should put on a great show with Stroupe -5 to Eric Riggins anything can happen heading into the Road course which favors Riggins. In the race for the top 10 Ronnie Shirk owns the 12th spot (due to riggins and stroupe opting out) by +9 over Jeremy Murphy. Murphy has started to get a lot better recently but needs to have a great finish at the road course to have a shot at the spot.

2020,2021 Cup Series Champion Nick Stroupe hopes to add a 2022 BGN championship to his resume. He will need to beat his friend Eric Riggins to do it. Stroupe opted out of the road course race last season.

Eric Riggins is like the Mark Martin of DNQ, arguably best driver with out a championship can finally lock one down with a good run on Thursday. Riggins has run very well at the road course in the past. After this race Riggins plans on becoming Brandon Conards Crew chief.

Jeremy Murphy needs to have a good night at the road course to steal the last spot in the Busch Series chase for the championship. -9 is not impossible by any means.

With a solid night over Jeremy Murphy, Ronnie Shirk would be locked into a National Championship spot. The 2020 Milltona 50 has had a decent season up to this point.

ARCA Championship

For the drivers that do not make the transfer positions they will start the race for the ARCA championship. Any drivers that has made an attempt at 5 DNQ Busch or Pro Cup races will be able to win the championship. All others can still enter the race that have not attempted 5 or more races.


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