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The Ultimate Showdown: Shipwerkz National Championship Series Promises Unparalleled Racing Action

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping motorsports spectacle like no other as the Shipwerkz National Championship Series gears up to showcase the very best in DNQ racing talent. This championship series brings together drivers from different classes, each with their own unique strengths and strategies, to battle it out for the ultimate honor – the title of National Champion.

Champions Collide: A Clash of Skills

The Shipwerkz National Championship Series is not just about racing; it's about the convergence of champions and the challenge of adapting to different styles of competition. As the top 10 drivers from the Series and the Auto Lube & Repair Pro Cup Series come together, the stage is set for a collision of skills, experience, and determination. Series Contenders:

  • Anthony Kidwell: Fresh off his Series championship win, Kidwell is ready to showcase his consistency and skill as he takes on the best of the best. in 2023 he has 4 Top 3's and 2 Wins in 7 races

  • Ethan Landers: The rookie of the year is hungry for more success, and his speed and determination make him a force to be reckoned with. 2023 2 - wins and 3 Top 3's

  • Alex Lacognata: A former National Champion, Lacognata's experience and strategic prowess could prove invaluable in this high-stakes showdown.

Auto Lube & Repair Pro Cup Series Standouts:

  • John Kidwell: The Pro Cup Series champion is eager to assert his dominance in the National Championship Series and add another title to his already impressive resume. Kidwell has 2 wins and 3 -Top 3's

  • Brandon Conard: The 2022 Pro Cup Champion knows what it takes to win under pressure and is determined to prove himself once again. He has 1 win and 3 Top 3's

  • Ryan Ayers: A seasoned veteran, Ayers brings a wealth of experience and skill to the series, making him a formidable contender. Ayers has 2 Top 3's to his credit in 2023

The Ultimate Goal: National Champion

As the drivers prepare to vie for the coveted title of National Champion, the spotlight will be on their every move. The Shipwerkz National Championship Series isn't just about winning races; it's about demonstrating adaptability, tenacity, and the ability to excel under pressure.

The Clash of Teams

Behind every successful driver is a dedicated team, and the Shipwerkz National Championship Series is no exception. Teams like Kinder Performance Group, Beef Tips Motorsports, Mr.E Performance. and many others have worked tirelessly to ensure their drivers are ready for the challenge.

Witness History Unfold

Get ready to witness history in the making as the Shipwerkz National Championship Series unfolds. With a mix of champions, contenders, and newcomers all vying for glory, the competition promises to be fierce, the action intense, and the stakes higher than ever before.

Buckle up, racing enthusiasts, because the Shipwerkz National Championship Series is about to deliver an unforgettable display of speed, skill, and determination. As drivers from different classes collide on the track, one thing is certain – this championship series is poised to be a defining moment in motorsports history.


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