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DNQ Busch Series Chase Final 4 Set

The DNQ Busch Series Final 4 Has been set for the season finale at Millbridge Speedway. The best finisher out of the 4 competitors will win the championship. All 4 drivers have yet to win a race this season but it should make for a great race here are the 4 drivers and our personal power rankings going into the final race of 2015.

1.Jordan Rummage

Rummage has ran well at the big track at Millbridge Speedway however his injured wrist hurt him last race. We think he gets out of the cast and has a good run at the title he is our #1

2.Tim Williams

Williams has been in position to win in the closing laps of a few races this season however is yet to do so. Williams is a strong contender and will have a shot at his first win and title.

3.Richie Stone

Stone has admitted that he is a NDF, but he has somehow made his way into the final 4. This peasant will be looking to make his way to the cup series next year but first he wants to win the title. If Stone gets on the Busch to pass hard enough he can win but we put him at #3.

4.Steve Nivison

Nivison barely made the chase by beating John Jarrell in the last race by 1 point. Nivison has shown signs of being a decent driver only to step on his dick while running up front. Nivison will need some help to win this one but we will see if he can shock all of us.

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