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Markham and Buskirk Race For The Rookie Championship In The Fall Final.

(Shark Lounge Gentlemen's Club Daytona Beach F.L.) The DNQ Cup Series Rookie Championship is an often over looked title in a series full of peasants. Brad Buskirk who currently sits 2nd in Cup series standings also finds himself on top of the rookie championship series points. "Yeah the rookie championship is a lot like a participation award I came to all of the races and I ran half way decent. I would like to win it. I feel like I am at a disadvantage since I only bring 2 of us to the track compared to Markhams 30" Buskirk who was the most popular driver in 2014 has a 5 point lead over David Markham, Markham has struggled at times this season but has somehow found himself 3rd in DNQ Cup series points by finishing races this season "I know 5 points is a lot to overcome and he will probably have to have an issue for me to catch him, so all we can do is go out there and win. I think we fixed the stuff to do that" Both drivers are also competing in the DNQ Lead 2 Series Amateur Championship on November 17th. In 2017 The Rookie criteria will change, however the 2016 Drivers who are elidgible for the Rookie title this season will have one more year to win it.

2016 Rookie Championship Eligible Drivers

Brad Buskirk*

David Markham*

* 2015 Champion will not be eligible to win 2016 title

Eddie D'Hondt

Mike Carber

Nathan Briggs

Josh Heidkamp

Eric Maycroft

Tim Kuhn

Mike Madill

Ryan Flores

Matt Custer

Ty Sipes

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