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The Lead 2 Rental Kart Series Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

The DNQ Lead 2 Rental Kart Series will celebrate it's 5 year anniversary with the start of the 5th annual DNQuinn 500. This is a milestone for a series that started from a drunken rant one night between friends. I never thought we’d end up getting to this point,” D’Hondt said. The name DNQ came from my friend Danny O'Quinn Jr. he failed to make a few races and we started to call him DNQuinn. He moved back home and I felt it was a good way to honor him in a weird way". "The series couldn't be better right now we have a great group of real racers a great group of competition and everyone races for fun". "I think the best part about the DNQ Series is the fact that we have fun racing, that's why we are here isn't it? I feel like that message gets lost a lot in any form of racing but here it doesn't and I'm glad that we have made it this far." The series will run its annual DNQuinn 500 the biggest rental kart series race it hosts all year here are the past champions.

2012 - Kyle Strickler

2013 - Ryan Blaney (Light) Corey LaJoie (Heavy)

2014 - Kyle Larson (Light) Tyler Young (Heavy)

2015 - Kyle Larson (Pro) Greg Molyneaux (Amateur)

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