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The Final 4 Will Be Determined After Fair Race

(Mooresville N.C.) With the end of the season in sight the DNQ Series Chase is one race away from determining its final 4 championship contenders.

In the Winston Cup Series it has been 3 Regulars that will go for the championship, this one is anti-climatic here are the top 4 (projected) David Markham will win the Rookie Of The Year Honors as long as Pedulla doesnt race the next 2

Winston Cup Series





In IROC Moody has a large lead and seems to be the #1 seed heading into the fair, With a 27 Point lead over 4th expect him to transfer. With a win last race Zach Marquart has moved himself into 2nd place in the standings. This virtually will lock in Marquart as well. Curtis Markham and Jason Denney are currently in and with Dustin Pleasanton 17 points behind 4th it looks like the top 4 will remain that way going into the Chesters Chicken Championship Night. In rookie of the year standings Markham has a 2 point lead over Denney

IROC Series

1.Moody - 89

2.Marquart - -9

3.C.Markham (R) - -26

4.Denney(R) - -27

5.Pleasanton - -44

6.Tapler - -54

In The DNQ Busch Series it is close,too close to call. The Top 4 will go on to race for the championship after the fair race. The major issue for the drivers are the fact that the Series only starts 15 karts. With a bunch of big names invading the Busch Series it will make it hard for the regulars to make the A-Main. Some of the Round of 8 drivers have missed that A-Main, last race Brianna Lyons made the A-Main giving her a slight advantage heading into the final race, but she is still trying to gain points on the 4th place driver Steve Morsillo. Lyons will need to out run Morsillo by roughly 3 spots to make it into the chase. Norman will also need to out run Morsillo and Lyons to have a shot at the final 4. Richmond has a slightly larger cushion but needs to make the A-Main as well. Carber and Allred have the best chances of getting into the final 4 as long as they don't brake anything and cant start the feature. In this chase no one is safe however, drivers that must transfer to the A-Main to have a shot are Jarrell, Mabe, Norman,Lyons, Morsillo, Richmond. Watch these drivers all night it should be a good battle. In the Rookie of the year standings Allred has a 138 Point lead over Lyons.

DNQ Busch Chase

1.Carber - 1335

2.Allred (R) - 1329 (-6)

3.Richmond - 1297 (-38)

4.Morsillo (R) - 1295 (-40)

5.Lyons (R)- 1284 (-51)

6.Norman - 1275 (-60)

7.Mabe - 1256 (-79)

8.Jarrell - 1250 (-85)

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