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April Race Will Crown Regular Season Champions, Mods Return , Rule Book Updates

(Mooresville N.C.) The April Hartz HVAC race will be the 1/2 way point of the season. With that being said the DNQ Series will start its chase after its break for the All-Star race. Why is this so important? Points, bonus points and chase spots will be determined at the end of the next race. Here is how it looks so far


John Kinder is the current points leader, if Kinder can have a decent finish in the Hartz HVAC April race he will receive 65 Chase bonus points and be crowned the regular season champion. The rest of the projected ARCA Chase looks as follows

1.John Kinder 487 (1 Win)

2.Brad Jeffords - 476

3.Chris Page - 462

4.Thomas Markham - 455

5.John Jarrell - 443

6.Ronnie Shirk - 432

7.(Out)Jordan Dube - 427

8.Johnathan Mabe - 424 (1 Win)

9.(Out)Josh Long - 407

10. (Out) Adam Wilcox - 325

11. (In With Win In Top 12) Mike Rought - 311 (1 Win)

If Rought runs the next race it will most likely bump out Jordan Dube who is yet to win an ARCA Series race. Josh Long will have to run well in the next race to have shot at making it into the ARCA chase as well. Dube can still make his way into the chase by out running Ronnie Shirk. The ones to watch in the April Hartz race are John Jarrell,Ronnie Shirk & Jordan Dube.

DNQ Cup Series

Basically Everyone is in this one no drama, No one has yet to challenge Jason Denney.

1. Jason Denney - 570 (2 wins)

2.Ryan Richmond - 490

3.Curtis Markham - 480

4.Christian Moody - 320

5.Nate Tate - 296

6.Trevor Ward - 190 (1 Win)

7.L.J. McCleary - 170

8.Caleb Clinard - 170

9.(Out) Morsillo - 165

Denney will have a large lead going into the final 4 races can anyone catch him?

DNQ Busch Series

Caitlin Benge's latest win really took it to the competition. Benge currently will have 115 Bonus points going into the chase if she wins the regular season title

1.Caitlin Benge - 550 (2 Wins)

2.Tom Strawberry - 486

3.John Jarrell - 460

4.Johnathan Mabe - 448

5.Eddie D'Hondt - 439

6.Josh Long - 434

7.Adam Wilcox - 315

8.L.J. McCleary - 300

9.(Out) John Kidwell - 294

10.(Out) William Pelotte - 272

11. (Out) C.J. Winslow - 270

12.(Out) Jordan Dube - 261

13. (Out 1 Win Outside Top 12)Jason Johnson

14. (Out 1 Win Outside Top 12) Dylan Ward

Dube's DQ hurt him a lot in the points, Benge will most likely win the regular season, the race for the top 8 depends on who shows up.

Mod Tour Returns In April

The modified tour will return as the run what you brung series. The points will continue as they were.

Rule Book Updates

- Track may claim an engine

- Arca Substitue driver may not be considered a experienced driver (Must confirm with the series before event)

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