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Season Finale Outlook

The DNQ Pink Magic Fall Final is about a month away here are some of the story lines heading into the final race of the 2019 season.

Its a 2 Horse Race For The ARCA Championship Shirk (-0) Standish (+0 1 Win Owns Tie Breaker)


Its Down To Ronnie Shirk & Nigel Standish both drivers are tied for the top spot, This will come down to out runs the other in the final event of the season, Remember once you win this championship you cannot return to the series.


Robert Showalter has a 63 point lead over Nigel Standish, Showalter has 4 wins on the season and will most likely take home the championship. ROTY so far is another story Showalter has clinched that honor for this season


Tyson Fries (3 Wins) has a 151 point lead over Caleb Clinard, It's safe to say that Fries will hoist the "Winston Cup" Championship trophy at the final race of the season. However it's not fully over yet. ROTY Standings Fries has a ONE point lead over Clinard so they will be racing for ROTY Honors.


Clinard (4 Wins) has a 185 point lead over Ryan Richmond Clinard Will take the title home by starting the feature. In ROTY Honors Clinard Has Clinched

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