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McCleary Heads Into February Break With Points Lead


McCleary Heads Into February Break With Points Lead

Leader - 2017 Winston Cup Champion L.J. McCleary will head into DNQ's February break with the Ghost Face Cup Series points lead. After a great start to the season the past champion hopes to continue the trend of top 3 finishes. McCleary is currently 3rd on the All-Time Cup Series wins list with 6 and is 2nd in active drivers in the win column. McCleary is especially dangerous to the competition when racing the new treaded tire package. Winning the inaugural Cup series exhibition race at Millbridge. He is heavily favored to win it all this year and he is off to a great start.

2nd - Adam Welch is another driver to watch as the season starts to roll on in March. Welch finished 2nd in the double points race at AAR Speedway thrusting him into 2nd place in the point standings.

3rd - Ryan Richmond has quietly made a slow march to the 3rd position in the points after finishing 5th at AAR Speedway, Richmond lead some laps in the Milltona 50 race as well and seems to have a good handle on the new racing package.

4th - Jason Asbury who had a sub driver at AAR sits 4th in points, he is new to DNQ this season and has used Corey Ingleston's finish at AAR to help him get towards the top of the point standings.

5th - Nick Stroupe will be some one to watch as the season progresses Stroupe is fast with the new package and will probably win a few races this season. He is a sleeper pick to win it all.

Tough Start - Mike Rought lead some of the Milltona 50 only to have a mechanical issue bite him right at the end of the race opening the door for Ronnie Shirk. Rought missed the feature at AAR due to missing weight and having a mechanical issue at the start of the consi. Rought is very fast and will make a charge to the front before the end of the year but he cannot afford any more mistakes. Team Reaper (Shirk & Rought) have this package figured out.

Current Ghostface Brewing Cup Series Points (Top 10)

1.McCleary - 500

2.Welch - 482

3.Richmond - 475

4.Asbury - 475

5.Stroupe - 460

6.Shirk - 458

7.Roop - 410

8.Bush - 410

9.Standish - 406

10.M.Contarino - 386

Clinard's red mullet leads the Busch Series Competition after AAR

Leader - 2019 Heavy Cup Series Champion Caleb Clinard is the current points leader in the Carroll Tractor and Trailer Repair Busch Series. Clinard has decided to run in the Busch Series this season after having an awesome 2019 season that saw 7 Wins in Cup & Heavy Cup as well as 4 in a row in Heavy Cup Competition. Clinard finished 3rd at AAR putting him at the top of the point standings.

2nd - Do not count out John Oliverio who is a veteran racer who seems to always find a way to get towards the front he has some great help and is using that to propel himself as a front runner.

3rd - 2019 CTTR BGN Champion Robert Showalter who dominated the last Busch race got shuffled on the 5 to go caution at AAR and slid back to finish 10th. Showalter had 4 wins in the series last year and is 2nd on the all-time wins list. These 2 will most likely share some wins in the CTTR BGN Series this year.

4th - Trent Newman a DNQ Rookie, Newman has had some great finishes but will need to get to the next level soon before the point deficit grows.

5th - 2019 ARCA Champion Nigel Standish round out the top 5 in points heading into the break. Standish is very fast at times but will need to have a good finish at the World 100

Tough Start - Rob Bates missed the first race being sick and finished 7th at AAR. Bates is a good driver and will be in the Top 5 soon.

Top 10 CTTR BGN Points

1.Clinard - 500

2.Oliverio - 482

3.Showalter - 458

4.Newman - 456

5.Standish - 455

6.Campilogna - 418

7.Beck - 384

8.Armstrong - 380

9.Murray - 320

10.Bates - 292

Carroll Rolling into March with big momentum

Leader - Ronnie Carroll is rolling into March with a lot of momentum after winning the first Pink Magic ARCA Series race and finishing 3rd at AAR Speedway. Carroll has been close to an ARCA title in the past but this year seems like his year to close the deal.

2nd In Points -Michael Rimer is 2nd in points surprising a lot of his competition with a strong start to the season. Rimer has run DNQ part time over the last few years but he is on a charge in early 2020.

3rd In Points - Mike Purks drives 4 hours to come and compete in DNQ competition and is currently 3rd in points. Purks may not run all year due to the travel needed to race but he has put in some good finishes when he is at the track.

4th - Zac Campilogna has surrounded himself with Showalter Welch & Contarino as a sort of satellite operation. It has proven to be a great move by him to start out the year. Zac has done well and sits 4th In Arca Points.

5th-Randall Beck who fields some of Clinards equipment is 5th in ARCA Standings. Beck is a karting vetran and is showing well in ARCA racing at this point can he continue the momentum.

Tough Start - Thomas Markham has had a rough start to the year missing the feature at AAR after missing weight after his heat. Markham will have to make the march to the front starting at the World 100.

ARCA Points

1.Carroll - 520

2.Rimer - 454

3.Purks - 444

4.Campilogna - 442

5.Beck - 442

6.Weaver - 392

7.Ingleston - 380

8.Murray - 340

9.T.Markham - 338

10.Bonsignore - 330

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