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Title: Excitement Builds for the Dirt Road Course Race Showdown at Millbridge Speedway

Race Date: August 9th, 5 PM

The Coveted Golden Ashly trophy is up for grabs on August 9th

Millbridge Speedway is abuzz with anticipation as the DNQ Series gears up for an exhilarating evening of racing on its renowned dirt road course. Set to take place on August 9th at 5 PM, this highly anticipated event will feature all five DNQ series: the DNQ Escape Pool Cleaning Cup Series, Busch Series, Fit Stop Performance USACK Series, Auto Lube & Repair Pro Cup Series, and Carolina Racing Supply Dash Series. Fans and drivers alike are eager to witness the thrilling action that awaits them on the challenging and unique track layout.

Known for its captivating twists and turns, the dirt road course at Millbridge Speedway has gained a reputation for providing some of the most exhilarating racing moments in the DNQ Series. The drivers will be pushed to their limits as they navigate the Dr.Fauci left hand turn, tackle the Horse shoe corner, challenge themselves in the D'Hondt Money Clip Corner, navigate the Jack Bailey Bus Stop (some of his ex-girlfriends might be standing there) , and tackle the demanding Milltona 3&4 section of the track. Each corner presents its own set of challenges and opportunities, requiring precise car control, skillful maneuvering, and strategic decision-making from the drivers.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the dirt road course is the use of curbs. These raised sections of the track provide an opportunity for drivers to gain an extra burst of speed by expertly jumping over them. The ability to use the curbs effectively can make a significant difference in lap times and position changes, adding an extra element of excitement and strategy to the racing.

In the DNQ Cup Series, Mark Ellis currently leads the points standings with a +48 advantage over Adam Welch and Robert Showalter in second and third, respectively. However, with double points up for grabs, any slight misstep could prove costly, and the championship picture could be reshaped in an instant.

The Busch Series sees Anthony Kidwell as the points leader with a comfortable +71 margin over second-place Ethan Landers. Damian Jenks follows closely in third, trailing Kidwell by -119 points. The double points race provides an opportunity for Landers and Jenks to close the gap and challenge Kidwell for the top spot. The championship battle in this series is poised to go down to the wire, and the double points race could prove to be a deciding factor in the title chase.

In the Fit Stop Performance USACK Series, Todd Chafee holds a narrow +7 lead over Mike Contarino, with Stephen Broy sitting just -11 points behind.

The Auto Lube & Repair Pro Cup Series features John Kidwell as the points leader with a +70 advantage over Cole Ignazewski. Brandon Conard, the reigning champion, sits -75 points behind Kidwell, while Craig Smith is within striking distance at -79 points. The double points race will undoubtedly intensify the battle for the championship in this series.

Lastly, in the Carolina Racing Supply Dash Series, Zac Campilonga leads the standings with a +55 margin over Blaine Donahue. Charlie Furman trails in third, -74 points behind Campilonga. With multiple races remaining in the season, this series still offers ample opportunity for drivers to make a late-season charge for the championship.

With all five DNQ series competing on the same day, fans can expect an action-packed spectacle featuring the best drivers from each series. The atmosphere will be electric as drivers from the DNQ Cup Series, Busch Series, Fit Stop Performance USACK Series, Auto Lube & Repair Pro Cup Series, and Carolina Racing Supply Dash Series battle it out for supremacy on the challenging dirt road course.

As the drivers prepare to tackle this unique and demanding track, the championship battles in each series are also reaching a critical stage. Every position and point will be crucial for the drivers vying for their respective series championships. The intensity and competitiveness on the track will be unmatched as drivers push the limits to secure victory and maximize their championship aspirations. The National Championship field will be determined at the end of this race.

Mark your calendars for August 9th at 5 PM and join us at Millbridge Speedway for a thrilling evening of dirt racing action. Be prepared to witness spectacular battles, daring overtakes, and unforgettable moments as the DNQ series takes on the challenge of the dirt road course. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled experience that will leave fans on the edge of their seats, eager to witness racing history unfold before their eyes.

Don't miss out on this incredible event as the DNQ Series roars to life on the dirt road course at Millbridge Speedway. See you at the track!


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